Supporting basic digital skills remotely: a knowledge share

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The pandemic has seen an increased number of essential services move to online delivery, widening inequalities and emphasising the need for improved digitally inclusion. As face-to-face interactions have been limited the challenge of offering basic digital skills support to those with the biggest barriers to digital inclusion has been made even more complex. Organisations are faced with the problem of how to remotely support learners, often struggling to utilise digital solutions with people who have minimal digital skills and confidence. Often the organisations themselves are going through their own digital inclusion journey, along with their staff and volunteers.

This event brings together three organisations experienced in delivering basic digital skills support remotely to share their skills and knowledge. Attendees will be introduced to practical approaches to remote digital skills support, tried and tested with a number of audiences with a range of needs, including disabilities and language barriers.

100% Digital Leeds will be joined by AbilityNet, The Tech Ladder, and Digital Communities Wales.