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Beeston & Middleton: working together to tackle digital exclusion and health inequalities locally

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Wednesday 11th November, 1 – 1.30pm, via Zoom

A call for potential partners from all sectors, working or delivering in Beeston, Middleton, Holbeck, Hunslet, and Belle Isle.


Join 100% Digital Leeds to find out how we can work together to support people in Beeston, Middleton, Holbeck, Hunslet, and Belle Isle to make the most of digital and have better access to health services.


Covid 19 has changed the way people can access health and care services. Face to face meetings with healthcare staff have been dramatically reduced and many services have moved online. Some people may be unable or reluctant to engage with healthcare services digitally – such as speaking to their GP over video, using apps to help manage their long term conditions, or booking appointments online – and this is increasing health inequalities. We can work together to change this.


If you work in this area with adults who would struggle to get online and access health services for whatever reason, join us for a short lunchtime webinar to find out how we can work together to improve digital inclusion and access to healthcare.

The project

100% Digital Leeds is working with the Beeston and Middleton Local Care Partnerships to develop and test a place based model for improving digital skills and access to help people better engage with health and care services using digital means. Learning from the development and implementation of this model will inform the future development of digital health and care services to ensure they are inclusive across Leeds.

This webinar will take place virtually. Details will be sent to attendees on the morning of Wednesday 11th November.

Supporting basic digital skills remotely: a knowledge share

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The pandemic has seen an increased number of essential services move to online delivery, widening inequalities and emphasising the need for improved digitally inclusion. As face-to-face interactions have been limited the challenge of offering basic digital skills support to those with the biggest barriers to digital inclusion has been made even more complex. Organisations are faced with the problem of how to remotely support learners, often struggling to utilise digital solutions with people who have minimal digital skills and confidence. Often the organisations themselves are going through their own digital inclusion journey, along with their staff and volunteers.

This event brings together three organisations experienced in delivering basic digital skills support remotely to share their skills and knowledge. Attendees will be introduced to practical approaches to remote digital skills support, tried and tested with a number of audiences with a range of needs, including disabilities and language barriers.

100% Digital Leeds will be joined by AbilityNet, The Tech Ladder, and Digital Communities Wales.